Author: Marshall Green
Date: December 12, 2013
Categories: Academics

Houghton College is pleased to announce the graduation of 39 students this December.  Graduates gathered alongside fellow students, professors, staff, and friends for a reception held on Wednesday, December 11.

Among the 39 students graduating, five have double majors. The graduates represent a wide spectrum of majors, including those in the fields of art, business, communication, psychology,  art education, adolescent education, intercultural studies, history, biology, augmented history, music, Bible, chemistry, English, writing, humanities, inclusive childhood education, math, music education, physical education, TESOL, physical health education, and a master’s degree in music.  Additionally, these graduates come from the United States, Canada, South Korea and the United Kingdom. 

The following students completed requirements for a Houghton College degree in December 2013:   Heather Abbott, Brianna Adams, Noah Alessi, Jeremy Austin, Jacob Bannerman, Susanne Black, D'Layna Blauvelt, Valeria Boudrias, Kaiden Bowers, Adria Bridgwood, Jonathan Burkart, Rochelle Cecil, Kenneth Cotsonas, Francis Decker, Brittany Gay, Ryan Hobart, Isaac Hutton,Hannah Jackson, Ethan Kent,  Yoon-Kook Kim, Jacob Kocher, Melissa Lincoln, Janna Livengood, Lois-Ann Luce, Zechariah Mientkiewicz, Erin Miller, Holly Morgan, Jessica Niederlander, Olivia Nijssen, Jordan Reed, MacKenzie Reiss, Jonathan Scharf, Paul Seddon, Alisha Stokes, Ignacio Villalobos, Jacob Vogan, Matthew Vogan, Cesiah Wicker, and Amanda Wojcinski.

Among those present were President Shirley Mullen; Dr. Linda Mills Woolsey, dean of the college and vice president of academic affairs; and Dan Noyes, executive director of alumni relations.   All three congratulated the graduates with brief remarks.  It was also noted to the graduates that it is important to celebrate these types of milestones and that one of Houghton’s strong gifts are the mentors and friends made along the journey that become an important part of life for years to come.