Author: Jessica Guillory
Date: February 16, 2016
Categories: Biology|Chemistry|Mathematics|Physics

On Feb. 2, 2016, Houghton College hosted the school’s sixth annual Math and Science Day for 100 local high school and homeschooled students. 

The students who came to campus participated in a national math contest, attended interactive science and math sessions, and learned about careers in math and science from a Houghton alumnus. 

“Math and Science Day gives local high school students an opportunity to get a taste of what math and science are like beyond the standard high school curriculum,” said Dr. Rebekah Yates, chair of the mathematics department. 

During the sessions, the visiting students were able interact with Houghton professors and students while building a speaker, learning about lie detectors, determining paternity using Blood Group Antigens testing, exploring artificial intelligence, analyzing water quality and participating in other activities.  

Houghton alumnus Joel Vanderweele ’10 spoke to the students about the use of math and science in the field of architecture. During his time at Houghton, Vanderweele double-majored in math and philosophy. He now works as an architectural designer at Union Studio Architecture and Community Design in Providence, R.I. 

In addition to exposing local students to the ways math and science are used in real-world settings, Math and Science Days allow the college to connect with the surrounding community and give students a glimpse of the college experience. 

Houghton College Math and Science Days are held every year on the first Tuesday in February.