Author: Rachel Meier
Date: May 9, 2013
Date: May 9, 2013
Categories: Academics|Admission|Music

The Greatbatch School of Music is pleased to announce the addition of six new commercial music courses to the Houghton College catalog as well as the hiring of John Buteyn to be the assistant director of technical arts.

“The commercial music program will add depth and breadth to the overall scope of the Greatbatch School of Music,” says Stephen Plate, dean of the school of music.   “Music industry is a growing and progressive field of study and one in which the jobs are prevalent.  Our course of study will prepare the music students for productive lives in the musical and technical arts.  Our instructors are experienced and credentialed, and our facilities and equipment are top notch.  These developing courses of study will add to the scope and professionalism of the entire college.”

Intro to Music Business (MBCM 206) will be the first new course offered in fall semester 2013, while Recording and Studio Technique (MBCM 308) will be offered spring 2014. These classes are in addition to the Pro Tools courses that are already being offered, and it is the expectation that the final four commercial music courses will be offered in fall semester 2014. This will bring the total number of commercial music hours available to Houghton College Students up to 24 credit hours.

Kevin Jackson, director of sound and recording for Houghton, said, "The commercial music classes will provide Houghton students with a hands-on, real-world experience, which will equip them with the skills that are highly sought after in the commercial music industry today. The courses will focus on the critical areas of commercial music, from the technology, software and hardware available today to advanced mixing, mastering, listening and recording studio techniques.”

Intro to Music Business is a three-credit evening class with no prerequisites or co-requisites required for it. The discussions in the class will cover many facets of music, recording, film and television, and how each segment intersects and relies on each other. The class will be taught by John Buteyn.

Buteyn has a wealth of audio and lighting experience as well as a master's degree in music technology from Georgia Southern University. Buteyn will take over the chapel audio-visuals, lighting and other duties, along with teaching a selection of new course offerings.

“I couldn’t be more excited to join Kevin Jackson and the technical arts team, as well as teach some of the new courses in commercial music,” says Buteyn.  “There are so many students with a passion for ministry in technical arts and commercial music, and I am thrilled for this opportunity to educate students with the knowledge needed to serve and succeed in numerous music fields.”