Author: Danielle Brenon
Date: July 18, 2012
Categories: Music & Arts

Houghton College junior musician Nathaniel Efthimiou ’14 has been selected from a national candidate pool for study at the Atlantic Music Festival Institute. This prestigious summer institute, held on the campus of Colby College in the state of Maine, provides an opportunity for students to connect with professional composers and compose their own works for performance.

The A.M.F. Institute strives to be one of the leading music programs in the world and offers programs for young artists in composition, conducting, opera, piano, and strings. Efthimiou and fellow admitted artists are currently taking part in weekly private lessons, coaching, master classes, and performance opportunities. Moreover, the institute allows participants to interact with world renowned artist-faculty members and composers including George Tsontakis, Nils Vigeland, and Robert Patterson.

A music composition major, Efthimiou is a young composer who plays organ and piano, sings in the Houghton College Choir and plays violin in the Philharmonia orchestra. Efthimiou began composing music at the age of 10 but did not receive formal training until he came to Houghton, where experienced Houghton faculty fostered his development as a musician. “I consider it a very special opportunity to study under such dedicated Christians who are also exceptional musicians and professors,” shared Efthimiou.

“There is also a strong sense of comradeship within the music students at Houghton, not only because of our shared passion for music, but also because we share a love for Christ,” added Efthimiou. “The students at Houghton are very encouraging and enthusiastic about their work, and I have made some incredible friendships both inside and outside the music department.”