Author: Marshall Green
Date: April 20, 2015
Categories: Academics|Admission|Bible|Theology

Houghton College has been recognized once again as a top Christian college in the U.S., taking the 26th position among the 50 Best Christian Colleges in the nation according to

According to the website, “A percentage of our overall ranking was given towards student satisfaction, as measured by freshmen retention, alumni giving and the rate of graduation within six years.”

Other methodology used SAT and GPA scores, post-graduate opportunities, faculty based on class size and student/faculty ratios, percentage of student financial needs met and average four-year debt acquired and reputation measured by “U.S. News and World Report” scores and collected high school counselor scores.

 “Earning a degree from a Christian college is about more than just academics,” commented Kevin Shull, the article’s author. “Rather, an education from a Christian university teaches the student how to apply Christian principles to every aspect of his or her life. While many exciting and lucrative career paths become available with a bachelor’s or post-graduate degree, the primary goal when selecting a Christian college is to find a place which will nourish not just your mind, but also your soul.”