Author: Michelle [Shelly] Hillman
Date: September 4, 2017

Brian Webb, sustainability coordinator at Houghton College, was recently published in the August 2017 edition of the Journal of Geoscience Education.

Webb and Dr. Doug Hayhoe of Tyndale University College and Seminary’s Department of Education discussed the perceptions of climate change at an evangelical Christian college, represented by Houghton. A lack of empirical measurement data has made it difficult for climate advocates to draw conclusions regarding the efficacy of educational programs, so Webb and Hayhoe addressed this gap with a study among Houghton undergraduate students.

For this particular analysis, 88 participants completed surveys before and after attending a lecture by a Christian climate scientist. The results indicated a significant increase in the students’ acceptance of various climate-related statements, suggesting that such discussions and programs are valuable in shifting perceptions on this often controversial topic.

“While many see climate change as a politicized issue, there’s no reason why we can’t move beyond politics in order to exercise good stewardship and demonstrate love for our local and global neighbors,” remarks Webb.

Read more about the study and the full article at the Journal of Geoscience Education website.