Author: Megan Fisher
Date: September 20, 2017
Categories: Academics|Education|Faculty

Dr. Sunshine Sullivan, associate professor of education at Houghton College, was recently published in the International Christian Community for Teacher Education’s (ICCTE) Fall 2017 journal edition.

In her piece titled “Cultivating Inclusive Learning Communities with Careful and Caring Conjunctions,” Sullivan describes how she overcame challenges in her career and took time to evaluate her teaching and her connections with students and fellow faculty members. This reflective practice supports her ongoing work to best prepare her students to be empowered and empowering teachers themselves. She was inspired by Parker J. Palmer’s 1993 book, To Know as We Are Known: Education as a Spiritual Journey.

Sullivan was invited to present her personal journey in rediscovering her talents in teaching at the ICCTE’s May 2016 conference.

The ICCTE was built for scholarly exchange and fellowship between Christian educators and has existed since May of 2010. Sullivan says that the organization “has been an incredible space for [her] restoration as a teacher educator,” and that her article published by the organization’s journal is “evidence of the kind of space we create together.”