Andrew Jones '13
Andrew Jones '13
Author: Evan Szymanski
Date: May 9, 2016
Categories: Communications

After graduating from Houghton in 2013, Andrew Jones, a communications major, got a job at WPBS, his hometown’s PBS station. He began by directing local commercials, TV events and original TV shows for the station but has since become the producer of Fishing Behind the Lines, whose first season was aired on 70 PBS stations across the country.

Fishing Behind the Lines uses the titular pastime as a backdrop to tell the stories of US and Canadian military veterans. It exposes viewers not only to the beauty of Watertown, N.Y., where the station is based, but also the stories of heroes that would otherwise go untold.

Since the beginning of the second season, which they hope will match or exceed the first in ratings, Andrew has served as producer, cameraman and editor of each episode.

Houghton’s liberal arts education prepared him to wear many different hats. “The ability to understand multiple disciplines and how they interact together and function on a day-to-day basis is very valuable,” he writes. “Houghton helped prepare me for my role at WPBS because it required that I learn many aspects of the field.”

He also recommends that current students engage in as many internships, summer jobs and independent projects as they can to develop the skills to handle challenges in the real world.

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