Author: Shawn Gillis
Date: November 29, 2012
Date: November 29, 2012
Categories: Academics|Alumni|Art

Sarah Graham ‘05 has established a successful career as a watercolor artist since her graduation from Houghton College.  She has earned national recognition in the field over the past year and continues to find new opportunities to display her art work.  Sarah Graham’s most recent display, a solo artist exhibition, opened on November 8 at the Desoto City Hall in Texas. Sarah is particularly known for a sensitive touch with watercolors, especially her portraits. She travels extensively, translating what she sees onto paper.  In addition to receiving national and regional recognition for her work in competitive art shows, Sarah is sought as a guest demo artist, curator, and juror.   She also teaches high school art and private lessons, always finding her students to be a source of inspiration.

Houghton Professor Ted Murphy instructed Sarah in art for over four years, and says of her: “From the very start she showed remarkable gifts in painting, particularly in portrait. Sarah made brilliant work in oil drawing and watercolor.  She developed this fluid technique in watercolor portraits very quickly.”

Ted Murphy continued:  “Sometimes you like the work of your students. Occasionally, you deeply respect what they can do. And on very rare occasions, you actually envy what they can achieve.  I have been one to envy Sarah's work in portrait watercolor for some time.”

Sarah received her bachelor's degree in fine arts from Houghton College in 2005 and studied art and portraiture in Italy.  Sarah Graham currently lives and paints in Duncanville, Texas.

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