Author: Marshall Green
Date: May 23, 2014
Categories: Community|Impact

Houghton College is preparing to host more than 5,000 campers and conference goers as the college gears up for the 2014 summer camp season. 

Over the 10 week period that begins after Commencement and continues through the beginning of August, Houghton will hold or host 25 camps or conferences.  Some of these are internally organized while others are organized by external groups who utilize the college campus to hold their events.

Houghton began running summer camps more than 30 years ago, which has grown into programming its own extensive sports camps along with hosting other major camps such as the Family Life Network’s Super Summer Camp, Never The Same Camp, and Csehy Summer School of Music.

The first sports camps will begin June 29 and will include multiple sessions for different age groups and skill levels throughout the summer.

With last year’s success of more than 1,500 campers attending  summer sports camps, this year Houghton has expanded its offerings by adding field hockey to the returning options of soccer, tennis, basketball, volleyball and equestrian camps.

“The college and conference program sees a need to reach out to our local youth and find quality programs to help them improve in their specific sport or activity while also providing a Christian emphasis,” commented Rebecca Crouch, director of conferences at Houghton.

Not only do the summer camps provide activities for campers who come from across the northeastern U.S., but they also generate an economic boost to the local economy.

According to Phyllis Gaerte, director of community relations, the camps provide jobs for many local individuals. People are hired to work in the dining hall, and a full crew of individuals cleans and maintains the lodging facilities that see new campers each week. Furthermore, local high school and college students are hired to staff and help support the coaches and directors who run the camps.

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