Author: Courtney Walters
Date: March 28, 2017
Date: March 28, 2017
Categories: Music

Dustin Woodard, instructor of percussion at Houghton College, recently had his second article published by the Percussive Arts Society.

“Playing Drums at Church Part 2: Working with a Worship Leader” details the process that a drummer undergoes when performing for a worship leader and how this prepares him or her for the wider world of performance.

The article addresses the difficulties of adjusting as the new drummer and the need for understanding and grace during such a stressful time, as directives from existing team members may unintentionally hurt feelings.

Woodard notes that, when joining a team, it’s important to learn to understand the worship leader’s style and what he or she needs; while a drummer is expected to keep the team together and on beat, the leader may have specific objectives. In the end, the team must be a united body. Woodard also notes the need for sensitivity, patience, and an awareness of the musical background of the worship leader, particularly if he or she has professional training. In such situations, relationships must come first, and knowing the band members outside of worship helps facilitate communication and smooth worship leading.

“These articles that I have written are important to me so that music in churches will grow,” Woodard notes. “I want not only the musicians, but the congregations to benefit from good musicians. Music is an essential part of worship.”

Percussive Arts Society is a nonprofit, music-service organization that educates and supports percussionists and musicians around the world.

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