Author: Hannah Hanover
Date: April 30, 2013
Date: April 30, 2013
Categories: Alumni|Impact|Intercultural Studies|Theology

Five years ago Phil Nichols, class of ’78, embarked on a faith-changing path – the JESUS Film Project. This project has not only altered Nichols’ life, but millions of others as well.

The JESUS Film is a 1979 docudrama illustrating the Gospel of Luke and used throughout the world as a powerful evangelistic tool. Those involved in the JESUS Film Project work laboriously to translate and distribute the JESUS Film throughout the global mission field. The film has been translated into 1,178 languages and counting; thousands of churches have been successfully planted through the conversions and conversations begun by the JESUS Film. Global Partners – the missionaries of The Wesleyan Church – have used the JESUS film extensively in church planting.

In the beginning of Nichols’ experience with the JESUS Film Project, he was assigned to help initiate the “Following JESUS – India” project, a post-JESUS Film,  five-installment video series designed to guide new Christians of a Hindu background to pursue Jesus as their solitary savior rather than adding Christ to their cultural assembly of gods and goddesses.  In some areas the baptisms increased by 400 percent after engaging in the “Following JESUS – India” films.

After only five years Nichols has moved from aiding in the India project to overseeing the translation and recording of all JESUS Film products, as South Asia language production manager. To date, the JESUS Film is available in approximately 100 Indian languages. Nichols oversees the translation of the JESUS Film, Magdalena (the children’s version of the JESUS Film) and the new My Last Day anime into over 90 languages.  Following JESUS – India – is part of the project’s goal of translating the JESUS Film into 50,000 languages by 2025.