Philharmonia performing the 1812 Overture in Angelica NY
Philharmonia performing the 1812 Overture in Angelica NY
Author: Rachel Meier
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Houghton College’s Philharmonia is pleased to present “Movements and Motions IV:  A Few More Bs,” the second in a series of three “B-themed” concerts in three years. It will be held on November 2, 2012, at 7:30 pm in Wesley Chapel under the direction of Dr. Brian Casey. This concert is free and open to the public. Find more information here.

According to conductor Dr. Brian Casey, “Many will certainly be wowed by the beautiful arias from our student competition winners, senior baritone Julian Cook and junior soprano Suzannah Waddington.  Their voices, and the music by Puccini and Massenet, are simply gorgeous.”

Like Philharmonia’s spring 2012 concert, this concert will be again have a focus on B composers, from the commonly celebrated to the obscure.  Closing the concert is the final movement from a little-heard symphony by a more known composer, Amy Beach. Arnold Bax's Mediterranean – a short tone poem – will also be featured, along with a movement from Brahms’s Serenade. Sir Benjamin Britten's oft-played short symphony, including the aptly named "Boisterous Bourree," will be conducted by graduate conductor Ethan Hall. Rachel Smith, also a graduate conductor for Philharmonia, will be conducting a suite by Telemann, a Baroque composer.

The Houghton Philharmonia is a flexible group of 50-60 orchestral musicians, including strings, winds, and percussion, played by both music majors and non-music majors. Philharmonia recently performed the 1812 Overture in association with the 5th annual Civil War reenactment in Angelica. Philharmonia is under the direction of Brian Casey (B.A., Harding University; M.M., University of Delaware; D.A., University of Northern Colorado). Dr. Casey also teaches conducting and horn, as well as advising/teaching advanced and graduate conductors and coordinating chamber music programming.