Author: Shelly Hillman
Date: September 2, 2016
Categories: Faculty|Intercultural Studies

After 17 years of teaching and navigating students through an understanding of world cultures, Dr. Jon Arensen knows how to tell a story, one that captures the essence of an experience and draws the listener into a larger narrative. His firsthand knowledge of global cultures, especially those of East Africa, shines through and is at the heart of his new book, Where Antelope Roam.

Dr. Arensen, beloved by countless students over his 17 years as professor of anthropology at Houghton College, was raised in Tanzania, steeped in a rich childhood of wildlife, spiritual journeys and life lessons in a beautifully unique country. His time as the director of the Houghton in Tanzania program has provided ample opportunities to share this wisdom. Where Antelope Roam gathers some of his favorite stories, bringing his trademark enthusiasm and boundless knowledge to a larger audience.

Rachel Woodworth, a former student of Arensen’s, notes in her review of the book that “Africa, a continent so often stereotyped or skewed, is given life and image through Arensen’s stories; it is spectacularly beautiful and complex.” His tales and stories are “threaded with themes of humor, culture, spirituality, sorrow, knowledge and wisdom.”

 “Your experiences naturally shape and define you, and I tried to capture the essence of that in these stories,” remarked Arensen. Published by Old Africa Books, Where Antelope Roam is Arensen’s fourth book and is available on Amazon.