Author: Rachel Meier
Date: December 20, 2012
Categories: Academics|Computer Science|Mathematics

On December 11, 2012, Houghton students from the CSCI 340 Databases course gave a live presentation to corporate representatives on their semester long projects. The projects themselves were simple web applications built using C#, SQL Server 2012 and the ASP.NET MVC framework.

The class was broken up into three student teams to develop these applications using standard programming methodologies. They were responsible for the conception of the ideas and presenting their work to professionals from the IT Industry.

I was proud to see the high caliber of talent that presented. The amount of work on the projects to create full-fledged web applications was great to see,” said Akash Desai, President of IVR Technology Group.

The students of this year’s class split into three different groups for their projects: Garrett Hartshaw ’14 and Tyler Reynolds ’13 worked on a 5Bytes: Inventory Management System; Benjamin Valyou ’13, Jacob Liddle ’14, and Jordan Latouche ’14 worked on a Time Management System; and Nathan Aston ’14 and Timothy Munson ’14 worked on a Sports Application with Predictive Outcome Analysis.

Tim Wilson, the professor of the Databases course, brought in professionals to engage with the students and provide constructive feedback on their presentations. The companies whose representatives participated in the presentations included IVR Technology Group, ValueCentric and Campuslabs.

Kristin Camenga, chair of the department of mathematics and computer science said, “I was very impressed by the quality work our students were able to accomplish over the course of the semester. The opportunity for our students to conceive of and implement these projects in teams gives them a taste of the collaborative environment they are likely to experience after graduation.”

“I am proud to see how far they have come, and it was a pleasure to watch the students grow over the semester,” said Tim Wilson, adjunct professor.