Students preparing to launch a balloon
Students preparing to launch a balloon
Author: Jason Reid
Date: April 23, 2013
Categories: Academics

First-Year Science Honors students studying global climate change, launched four high-altitude helium weather balloons yesterday to measure atmospheric measurements and the effects of climate change on salt-water habitats.

The four teams of students each launched one balloon. Each of the four balloons was as large as 10 feet in diameter at launch and then expanded to over 30 feet in diameter as it rose with a payload of a few pounds. Each balloon had a GPS tracking device and parachutes were attached for the descent. The balloons were launched separately with a short presentation from each team before each launch.

Each balloon collected data through its various sensors while floating up through the atmosphere, transmitting the data to earth via radio.   The balloons traveled up very quickly, as expected, reaching maximum altitude of 100,000 feet before popping and then floating back to earth. 

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