Author: Christy Windhausen
Date: March 7, 2014
Categories: Business

The Houghton Star received a mini-grant of $2,500 from the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) through their Values & Capitalism initiative for a bi-weekly column to discuss opposing views on topics of faith and free enterprise.

According to the AEI, the goal of the grant is to open the minds and hearts of Christian college students through discussion about the morality of free enterprise, as well as the ways that Christian values should influence views about the public policy issues that will shape the future.

Dr. Ken Bates, chair of the department of business and economics, along with three Houghton business students attended a conference in June 2013, at the AEI’s headquarters in Washington, DC.

“[The AEI] were looking for ways to help students on different Christian college campuses better understand capitalism,” says Bates. “And we [Houghton] are open to creative ideas so that they might be able to help us in this process.”

As of October 2013, Bates and Sarah Hutchinson, editor-in-chief of The Houghton Star, have already set the mini-grant to use in a reoccurring column entitled Two Views, which positions two opposing opinions in a one-page spread. Over the coming publications, Bates and Hutchinson hope to include a range in student voices as well as faculty in the column.

“We [Hutchinson and Bates] began thinking that we might be able to ”amp up” the engagement of the Houghton community in addressing free enterprise and biblical faith,” says Bates in his proposal to the AEI about the purpose of the column.

With the partnership of the AEI, Two Views will continue to discuss a wide range of topics such as economics, environment, faith, global affairs, politics, poverty, and society.

To date, the AEI has awarded similar mini-grants of varying amounts to various colleges such as Bethel College, Colorado Christian University, and Oral Roberts University.

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