left to right: Bethany Dembroski, Caleb T. Johnson, Lauren M. Daugherty, and Sharon Brautigam
left to right: Bethany Dembroski, Caleb T. Johnson, Lauren M. Daugherty, and Sharon Brautigam
Author: Marshall Green
Date: May 6, 2014
Categories: Business

The Houghton College Department of Business and Economics has issued awards to the top four students who are graduating seniors majoring in business, accounting or economics.

“We’re blessed with exceptionally high quality students studying business at Houghton,” said Ken Bates, chair for the Department of Business and Economics. “This year’s recipients of the four awards demonstrate this point dramatically.”

All recipients were considered for the awards based upon excellent performance and growth in the following areas: biblical attitude and values; communication skills; problem-solving skills; leadership skills; teamwork skills; understanding concepts and theories; and applying concepts and theories.

Sharon Brautigam was awarded the Outstanding Business Student of the Year award which is the most sought-after of the four awards and goes to the student with the highest GPA among senior business and accounting majors.

Bethany Dembroski was awarded the Business Major of the Year award. “I am extremely honored to have received this award from the major that means so much to me,” said Dembroski. “It is a testament to the dedication and time my professors have invested in me, and I am so thankful for that.” 

Lauren Daugherty was awarded the Accounting Major of the Year award. “I have been extremely blessed by my professors and classmates in the Houghton Business department,” commented Daugherty. “I feel honored to be receiving this award, and I look forward to the impact the department will have on future students.”

Caleb Johnson was awarded the Economics Student of the Year award and commented, "It is truly an honor to win an award for something that has been integral to my studies at Houghton for the past four years.  I am grateful for all that I have learned and it will surely help me throughout my life."

Houghton’s Department of Business and Economics is considered one of the top ranked nationally. This past year, Houghton business students  ranked in the top 5 percent, according to the Business Major Field Test (BMFT), when compared to schools across the nation and in New York State. The BMFT was administered to more than 80,500 undergraduate students at 585 institutions.