The historic Luckey Building that rests on the Houghton College campus quad.
The historic Luckey Building that rests on the Houghton College campus quad.
Author: Marshall Green
Date: December 18, 2015
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According to a recent ranking by USA TODAY COLLEGE, Houghton College has placed sixth in the nation in their list of Best 10 Colleges for the Money.

Houghton also has another significant ranking: it is the number one school out of top ten requiring the least amount of time for a student to graduate.

Eric Currie, vice president for enrollment management at Houghton, commented, “The average student at Houghton graduates in only 4.1 years, which allows the student to more quickly enter the job market or grad school.”

The National Center for Education Statistics says that the majority of college students take about six years. This means that the average Houghton student graduates in 33 percent less time than the majority of other college students in the nation.

“Houghton represents yet another religious college on this list. Houghton emphasizes faith and spirituality while teaching a curriculum from a Christian worldview perspective,” said USA TODAY COLLEGE. “The average yearly cost of at this school is $18,000, and the average student graduates in 4.1 years, bringing the total degree cost to $74,300. This makes Houghton a great value compared to schools of similar caliber.”  

Using College Factual, a research site that, according to USA TODAY COLLEGE, “identifies schools that have good outcomes for students (high graduation rates, low student loan default rates, etc.) as well as a reasonable price tag for the quality they offer. The total degree cost of the school is found by multiplying the average net price (for all students including those receiving aid) by the average time to graduate.”

Coupling the above ranking with the addition of Houghton College’s new data science program and pending approval of its new music industry program along with the recent construction of the $23 million Kerr-Pegula Athletic Complex and, most recently, their women’s soccer team winning a national title, Houghton is quickly becoming a standout among Christian liberal arts colleges.

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