Speaker's Bureau

As part of our commitment to the local church, the Office of Ministry Resources maintains a Speakers’ Bureau. The folks below are seasoned, thoughtful and articulate preachers, many with pastoral experience, who enjoy the chance to share God’s Word with area churches. The cost to your church is just $75 - the Office of Ministry Resources will pick up all the transportation costs. Please contact the Office of Ministry Resources if you’re interested in a particular speaker or would like our help in finding the right guest speaker for your church.

Bill Burrichter

Director of Counseling Services

Areas of Expertise: counseling and mental health issues, integration of Christianity and psychology, school/guidance counseling program development

Contact Info: Bill.Burrichter@houghton.edu / 585.567.9622

Mark Caruana

Dean, Houghton College Utica

Areas of Expertise: cross-cultural/multicultural ministry, ministries of welcome/hospitality/inclusion, refugee resettlement

Contact Info: Mark.Caruana@houghton.edu / 315.922.2190

Jonathan P. Case

Professor of Theology

Areas of Expertise: contemporary Protestant theology, world religions & new religious movements, understanding digital culture

Contact Info: Jonathan.Case@houghton.edu/ 585.567.9601

Jack Connell

Provost and Dean of the Faculty

Areas of Expertise: church leadership, fundraising and philanthropy, higher education governance, organizational leadership, preaching/teaching, strategic planning

Contact Info: Jack.Connell@houghton.edu / 585.567.9315

Sarah Derck

Assistant Professor of Old Testament

Areas of Expertise: Old Testament, Scriptural barrenness/widowhood

Contact Info: Sarah.Derck@houghton.edu / 585.567.9628

Steve Dunmire

Director of Ministry Resources

Available to preach, teach, or lead contemporary worship.

Areas of Expertise: discipleship, spiritual formation, spiritual disciplines, healthy rhythms for life, personal spiritual growth, and/or acoustic worship on guitar

Contact Info:  Steve.dunmire@houghton.edu / 585.567.9669

Richard Eckley

Professor of Theology

Areas of Expertise: The doctrine of the Holy Spirit, Roman Catholic / Evangelical convergences, contemporary question of God, pastoral issues relating to church & society

Contact Info: Richard.Eckley@houghton.edu/ 585.567.9469

Connie Finney

Professor of Education

Areas of Expertise: understanding learning and memory, Scripture-based devotional talks, understanding the Mennonite Church

Contact Info: Connie.Finney@houghton.edu

Cathy E. Freytag, Ed.D.

Area Associate Dean for Education; Professor of Education

Areas of Expertise: inclusive (special needs) education, childhood education, middle grades education, collaboration

Contact Info: Cathy.Freytag@houghton.edu / 585.567.9677

Douglas Gaerte

Professor of Communication, Chair of the Communication Department

Areas of Expertise: public address, propaganda, political communication, interpersonal communication, relational and family/marital communication, drama in the church

Contact Info: Douglas.Gaerte@houghton.edu / 585.567.9462

Mike Jordan

Dean of the Chapel

Areas of Expertise: the role of worship in the local church, preaching and worship building strong relationships between Christians

Contact Info: Michael.Jordan@houghton.edu

David Lewis

Associate Professor; Faculty Director of Sports Ministry; Women’s Soccer Coach

Areas of Expertise: Practical theology; pro-life primer on abortion and related ministry; sports ministry – history, theory, practice, local church, cross-cultural, parachurch; ministry of coaching

Contact Info: David.Lewis@houghton.edu / 585.567.9548

Benjamin Lipscomb

Professor of Philosophy

Areas of Expertise: biomedical ethics, just war and pacifism, worship and the Christian year

Contact Info: Benjamin.Lipscomb@houghton.edu / 585.567.9347

H. “Skip” Lord

Executive Director of Athletics

Areas of Expertise: sports ministry, athletics administration, missions: making a long-term impact through short-term teams, character education through sports, current issues in sports; sportsmanship, leadership training, mentoring

Contact Info: Harold.Lord@houghton.edu / 585.567.9645

JL Miller

Resident Director of the Townhouses

Areas of Expertise: adolescent culture; adolescent faith development; Clifton StrengthsFinder; youth ministry and the local church

Contact info: JL.Miller@houghton.edu / 585.567.9681

Bill John Newbrough

Professor of Piano

Areas of Expertise: sacred and classical piano concerts, worship/devotional concerts

Contact Info: William.Newbrough@Houghton.edu

Armenio Suzano

Dean and Director, Greatbatch School of Music

Areas of Expertise: building ministry teams; theology of worship; worship in the 21st century; worship leading – contemporary, blended, or traditional

Contact Info: Armenio.Suzano@houghton.edu / 585.567.9400

Paul Young

Professor and Chair, Psychology Department

Areas of Expertise: drugs and behavior, brain and behavior

Contact Info:Paul.Young@houghton.edu / 585.567.9308