Speaker's Bureau

As part of our commitment to the local church, the Office of Ministry Resources maintains a Speakers’ Bureau. The folks below are seasoned, thoughtful and articulate preachers, many with pastoral experience, who enjoy the chance to share God’s Word with area churches. The cost to your church is just $75—the Office of Ministry Resources will pick up all the transportation costs. Please contact the Office of Ministry Resources if you’re interested in a particular speaker or would like our help in finding the right guest speaker for your church.

Jonathan P. Case

Professor of Theology

Areas of Expertise: Contemporary Protestant Theology, World Religions & New Religious Movements, Understanding Digital Culture

Contact Info:Jonathan.Case@Houghton.edu/ 585.567.9601

Richard Eckley

Professor of Theology

Areas of Expertise:The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit; Roman Catholic / Evangelical Convergences, Contemporary Question of God; Pastoral Issues relating to Church & Society

Contact Info:Richard.Eckley@Houghton.edu/ 585-567-9469

Connie Finney

Professor of Education

Areas of Expertise: Understanding learning and memory, Scripture-based devotional talks, understanding the Mennonite Church

Contact Info: Connie.Finney@Houghton.edu

Cathy E. Freytag, Ed.D.

Area Associate Dean for Education; Professor of Education

Areas of Expertise:Inclusive (special needs) Education, Childhood Education, Middle Grades Education, Collaboration

Contact Info:Cathy.Freytag@Houghton.edu/ 585-567-9677

Douglas Gaerte

Professor of Communication, Chair of the Communication Department

Areas of Expertise: Public Address, Propaganda, Political Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Relational and family/marital communication, Drama in the church

Contact Info:Douglas.Gaerte@Houghton.edu / 585-567-9462

David Huth

Associate Professor of Visual Communications and Media Arts

Areas of Expertise: The use of media arts in the church, film/internet/media and contemporary culture

Contact Info: David.Huth@Houghton.edu

Mike Jordan

Dean of the Chapel

Areas of Expertise: the role of worship in the local church, preaching and worship building strong relationships between Christians

Contact Info: Michael.Jordan@Houghton.edu

Ndunge Kiiti

Professor of Intercultural Studies

Areas of Expertise: Human rights and justice issues

Contact Info: Ndunge.Kiiti@Houghton.edu

Benjamin Lipscomb

Professor of Philosophy

Areas of Expertise: Biomedical ethics, Just war and pacifism, Worship and the Christian Year

Contact Info:Benjamin.Lipscomb@Houghton.edu585-567-9347

H. “Skip” Lord

Executive Director of Athletics

Areas of Expertise:Sports Ministry, Athletics Administration, Missions: Making a long-term impact through short-term teams, Character Education through Sports, Current Issues in Sports, Sportsmanship, Leadership Training, Mentoring

Contact Info:Harold.Lord@Houghton.edu/585-567-9645

Theodore Murphy

Professor of Art

Areas of Expertise:All visual art- particularly painting, Watercolor, Drawing, Renaissance and Baroque, Rococo, and 19thand 20th European and American art history, The art and history of cinema, Contemporary literature, Artistic human anatomy, Humanities in general , How art speaks to issues facing Christians today, Media studies as it pertains to TV films, Shakespeare, Marguerite Yourcenar, Jonathan Franzen, David Foster Wallace, and Jorge Luis Borges.

Contact Info:Ted.Murphy@Houghton.edu/ 585 567 9401

Bill-John Newbrough

Professor of Piano

Areas of Expertise: sacred and classical piano concerts, worship/devotional concerts

Contact Info: William.Newbrough@Houghton.edu

Meic Pearse

Professor of History

Areas of Expertise: Church history and history of theology; Apologetics; Christianity and social engagement; ‘clash of civilizations’ /Why the Rest Hates the West; Eastern Europe; Religion and War; Doctrinal and Ethical Issues; Do all religions lead to God?

Contact Info:Meic.Pearse@Houghton.edu/ 585-567-9680

Paul W. Shea

Associate Professor of Missions

Areas of Expertise:Global Christianity, Global issues, Missionary training and preparation, Theology of missions, Cross cultural adjustment and ministry, Urban ministry, Practical bible study, Local church mission outreach, Islam and religions, General preaching

Contact Info:Paul.Shea@Houghton.edu/ 585-567-9454

Linda Mills Woolsey

Professor of English

Areas of Expertise:Nineteenth Century British Literature, Jane Austen, religion and poetry, creative writing and journal-keeping for spiritual growth, Christian liberal arts and higher education, spiritual disciplines, lessons from the lives of women mystics, family history and memory-keeping

Contact Info: lindamills.woolsey@houghton.edu / 585-567-9466

Paul Young

Professor and Chair, Psychology Department

Areas of Expertise:Drugs and behavior, Brain and behavior

Contact Info:Paul.Young@Houghton.edu / 585-567-9308

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