Professional Clothing Closet

Objective: Provide used clothing that can be worn in a professional work environment to those who are entering or re-entering the work force and are in need.

Approach: Collaborate with ACCORD, Wellspring, and the Allegany Business Center to make the collection of used professional clothing available.

Call in Green Hotline

Objective: Provide information over the phone on topics of sustainability, e.g. locations to recycle fluorescent bulbs or AA batteries, where to find information on starting a farm business, how to clean your tile grout with natural materials, where to find cloth diapering information, and on and on.

Approach: The staff of Our Common Ground will be trained to answer incoming calls of practical sustainability questions.

Community Board

Objective: Provide a bulletin board to the community to post notices of need or offerings of help.

Approach: This community board is in a prominent location at Our Common Ground.

Neighborrow Connect

Objective: Collect and provide information about community members with resources available for swap such as pickup trucks, garden tillers, breast pumps, and more.

Approach: Binder and database at Our Common Ground.

Carpool Connect

Objective: Organize people interested in ride sharing to farm markets in the area, places of employment, church, and other events.

Approach: The staff of Our Common Ground will be trained to organize carpools for various areas and events.

Belfast Toy Library Toy Drop

Objective: Collection point for toy library returns for members who cannot make it to the Toy Library on its designated open hours.

Approach: The Belfast Toy Library will coordinate with OCG workers to collect any toys that are returned at Our Common Ground.

Houghton Community Garden Produce Pick Up

Objective: Provide a collection point for produce grown and collected by community gardeners at the Houghton Community Garden on Tucker Hill Rd.

Approach: Houghton Community Garden group gardeners will bring harvested produce to Our Common Ground for distribution and collection by their members..

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