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A management degree provides the background and expertise needed for supervisory and administrative roles.

B.S. OR B.B.A.

Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Business Administration online degrees available


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or less to graduate for students with 63 transfer credits. Full- & part-time options available.

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About the Management Degree

Students will learn about the ethical, legal and social factors that shape today’s workforce. Courses will cover a variety of subjects, from recruitment and training to labor laws, compensation and benefits. The online management B.S. provides students with the acumen to become ethical and effective leaders.

A management degree is for:

  • Established business managers or supervisors who want a management bachelor’s degree to advance their careers in management.
  • Individuals who wish to enter management and need the training and credentials to open doors and succeed.

Skills acquired:

  • Recognize the fundamentals of organizing, communication and teamwork.
  • Understand current business management and administration practice.
  • Analyze the basic organizational behavior model; explain the application of human resource management and approaches to improve organizational performance.
  • Integrate the knowledge of various business disciplines and apply that knowledge to make strategic business decisions.

Admissions Requirements

Admissions Overview

To qualify for admission, students must meet the following criteria:

Recent High School Grads

  • Online Application
  • Personal Statement
  • Reference Form
  • High School Transcript
  • ACT/SAT scores

Working Professionals

  • Online Application
  • College Transcripts (AND high school transcript if applicant does not possess an associate degree.)

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More About Online Application

Potential Career Options

  • Supervisory and administrative roles in a wide variety of organizations, from manufacturing to human services and healthcare to banking.

Program requirements & course details

Management CoursesCore Courses
  • BADM 314 - Human Resources Management (3)
  • BADM 325 - Project Management (3)
  • BADM 330 Operations Management (3)
  • BADM 341 Work Team Dynamics (3)
Choose 3 credits from elective course options below 
  • BADM 320 Leadership Development (3)
  • BADM 323 Leading Change (3)
  • COMM/PSY 330 Conflict Management (3)
  • SOC 335 Diversity in the Workplace (3)
  • ID 200 Student Success Seminar (1)
  • BADM 300 Business Writing (3)
  • BADM 210 Fundamentals of Management (3)
  • PHIL 303 Organizational Ethics (3)
  • BADM 475 Organizational Development (3)
  • BADM/PSY 309 Statistics (3)
  • ECON 201 Intro to Economics (3)
  • BADM 202 Accounting and Finance Principles (3)
  • BADM 218Marketing Principles (3)

Houghton College Online Degree

124 Credits

37 within management major
51 electives
36 general education
87 maximum transfers allowed

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Full Time or Part Time

Flexible options allow you to maintain employment if desired.

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