Programs for Parents

Parents Orientation Programs

Parents orientation programs at Houghton College parallel orientation programs for new first-year and transfer students. All new students and their parents are encouraged to participate in one of two Transitions 101 days programs during the spring semester prior to enrollment and to attend the fall orientation weekend programs just prior to the start of the semester. The spring Transitions 101 days and the fall orientation weekend programs assist parents as you:

  • Gain understanding of the policies, procedures and personnel available at Houghton;
  • Gain understanding of the College mission, vision, and culture;
  • Experience a sense of confirmation about the choice of Houghton as a place of meaningful purpose and growth for your son/daughter
  • Establish a deeper connection with the College as partners in the educational process.
  • Connect with other parents

Transitions 101 Days

On Transitions 101 Days, a separate track of sessions is available just for parents. While students are busy selecting courses, having photo ID cards made, and creating what will become lifelong friendships with peers and upper-class student orientation leaders, parents are engaged in sessions connecting them with administrators and other parents.

Feedback from incoming new students and their families suggests that participation in Transitions 101 Day goes a long way toward establishing confirmation in their choice of Houghton for this critical time of adventure and growth. .

Fall Orientation Weekend

Curbside upon arrival, new students and families are welcomed to campus with throngs of well-wishers who descend on their vehicles for the purpose of hauling belongings into their new home-in-the-making. Once the initial settling in is mostly accomplished, during mid-afternoon, President Shirley A. Mullen shares her vision of collaborative partnership with the parents of her new students. Afterwards, new students and families participate in the New Student Dedication Service, a worship service of consecration and community dating back nearly 30 years. This Service culminates in a “Kodak moment,” as new students are led by the College piper around the quad and back to the steps of the chapel.

Family Weekend

Each fall, Houghton College families of current students visit their students for a weekend full of festivities.

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