BA in Philosophy

Most Houghton graduates must either take Metaphysics, Morality, and Mind, one or another course on the History of Philosophy, or Literature and Wisdom to satisfy the Integrative Studies philosophy requirement.  These courses just scratch the surface of the basic issues they explore regarding what it means to be human, the nature of the world we live in, and the God who made it.  Houghton offers a range of other philosophy courses that develop these issues in greater detail, and link them more fully to other fields of study, like science, theology, the arts, law, or medicine.

  • The philosophy major is a flexible 32 credit hours, incorporating three semesters of history of philosophy, a logic course, and a variety of electives.
  • The philosophy minor is 12 hours (including at least one semester of history of philosophy). 
  • Another option is the “integrative” philosophy major, which combines 24 credit hours of philosophy with 16 credit hours of work in an allied discipline (40 credit hours total), such as Business Administration, Communication, Biblical Studies, Theology, Art, Politics, Psychology, Literature, Writing, and Science (Pre-Med emphasis).
  • Students who complete an “integrative” philosophy major graduate with a BA in Philosophy (and in some cases a minor in the allied discipline).  In addition, students double-majoring in philosophy and another discipline may also complete a philosophy major by completing 24 credit hours of philosophy coursework.
Major required courses
At Least three courses in the History of Philosophy selected from the following:

PHIL 243 Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 244 Medieval Philosophy
PHIL 245 Early Modern Philosophy
PHIL 246 Late Modern & Contemporary Philosophy

Logical & Critical Thinking 4
Philosophy Electives lvel 220 and above (eight hours must be at the 400-level) 14
PHIL 495 Senior Capstone: Philosophy Colloquium 2
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