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Houghton's Philosophy Program

The philosophy degree at Houghton College incorporates required courses in logic and the history of philosophy alongside a wide with variety of electives, as well as opportunities to combine coursework in philosophy with other majors.

Guided by approachable and involved faculty, philosophy majors are taught to analyze arguments, sort through complexities, and compare worldviews, exploring the connections between philosophy and other disciplines, as well as the relationship between reason and faith.  

Philosophy fine-tunes basic intellectual skills, such as critical thinking, conceptual analysis, reading comprehension, and writing.  Philosophy cultivates your ability to analyze and evaluate ideas and practices, present ideas forcefully, and defend yourself against intellectual fads and fashions. 




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The Christian Distinctive

The philosophy major at Houghton helps students pursue fundamental questions and connect their Christian faith to modern culture. The catalyst for spiritual and intellectual formation is an encounter with classical Christianity and philosophy.

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As William Hasker put it: “The ‘integration of faith and learning’ refers to the need to think through the relationships of all branches of knowledge and practice to the Christian faith, so as to produce an integrated Christian view of things that can function in the modern world.  If philosophy didn’t already exist to assist in this ongoing process, it would have to be invented.”

After Houghton

Whatever your professional interests, a degree in philosophy is a significant asset.

Whether you are interested in law, linguistics, medicine, business, government service, education, library science, journalism, public administration, computer science, church-related ministry (pre-seminary), missions, the arts, writing, or just about anything else, any amount of coursework in philosophy is excellent preparation. 

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