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BS in Physical Education K-12 Teaching

The K-12 teacher certification option prepares students to teach elementary and secondary physical education, is approved by the New York Department of Education, and is recognized by most other states. The major includes extensive coursework in science-based courses, teaching methods, educational curricula, and activity courses. Students apply textbook knowledge to actual elementary,  secondary, inclusive, and urban classroom settings through formalized practicum experiences prior to the senior year student teaching experience. This major fulfills the requirements to register as a coach of interscholastic sports in New York. Students in this option may further strengthen their credentials by obtaining lifeguarding and water safety instruction certifications as well as specified coursework that may be used to apply toward certification in Health. Those interested in more advanced outdoor pursuits can enhance their educational opportunities in ropes and rock climbing instruction as well as wilderness and outdoor adventure activities.

Physical Education section (PDF) of the Houghton College catalog

Physical Education Major 36.5 
BIOL 217, 218 Human Anatomy and Physiology 4, 4
PHED 212 Foundations of Physical Education 2
PHED 237 Holistic Health 4
PHED 306 Principles of Coaching and Sport Management 4
PHED 246 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries 2
PHED 248 Inclusive Physical Education 2
PHED 249 Inclusive PE Practicum .5
PHED 308 First Aid/Safety 2
PHED 320 Measurement and Evaluation in PE 4
PHED 330 Physiology of Exercise 4
PHED 341 Kinesiology 4
Required Activities
PHED 229 Educational Gymnastics and Movement Foundations 2
PHED 230 Aquatics 2
PHED 124 XC Skiing .5
PHED 125 Downhill Skiing .5
PHED 123 Canoeing .5
PHED Sport Competencies 0
PHED 256 Cooperative Games 1
Initiatives – or choose from Highlander, the Adventure Sports course, or any of the following 4-credit courses: Outdoor Leadership Training; Administration of Organized Camps; Methods/Materials of Camps/Outdoor Ed 1-4
PHED 254 Teaching Net/Wall/Target Sports 2
PHED 255 Teaching Team Passing/Striking/Fielding Sports 2
Education Requirements29
EDUC 217 Education and American Culture 4
EDUC 240 Teaching in Urban America 2
PHED 225 Teaching Elementary PE 2
PHED 302 Teaching Secondary PE 2
PHED 235,303 Teaching Practicum I, II .5, .5
EDUC 313 Language, Literacy, and Curriculum Integration 4
PHED 405,407 Student Teaching
* CPR/First Aid must be current
PHED 411 Senior Capstone: Issues Seminar in PE 2