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Health & Physical Education - dual certification BS

The dual certification program in health and physical education prepares students to teach both Health and Physical Education (grades K-12) in the state of New York. As an approved program through the New York Department of Education, this certification plan is also recognized by most other states. In addition to coursework in physical education and Health, courses are also taken from the Psychology, Biology, and Chemistry departments. Students apply textbook knowledge in physical education and Health to actual elementary, secondary, inclusive, and urban classroom settings. This major also fulfills the requirements to register as a coach of interscholastic sports in New York. Opportunities also exist for credentials in lifeguarding and water safety instruction and for experiences in a variety of outdoor pursuits - ropes course, rock climbing, and adventure sports.

Physical Education Major32-35   
PHED 212 Foundations of Physical Education/Health 2
PHED 248 Inclusive Physical Education 2
PHED 306 Principles of Coaching and Sport Management 4
PHED 229 Educational Gymnastics and Movement Foundations 2
PHED 254, 255 Teaching Net/Wall/Target Sports or Teaching Team Passing/Striking/Fielding Sports 2
PHED 230 Aquatics 2
PHED 320 Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education 4
PHED 330 Physiology of Exercise 4
PHED 341 Kinesiology 4
Choose one of the following: 

Cooperative Games (1), Initiatives (1), Highlander (2), Outdoor Leadership Training (4), Administration of Organized Camps (4), Methods and Materials: Camps and Outdoor Education (4)
PHED 225 Teaching Elementary Physical Education 2
PHED 302 Teaching Secondary Physical Education 2
PHED 235, 303, 249 Choose two of the following: 

Elementary Teaching Practicum I, Elementary Teaching Practicum II, Inclusive Physical Education Practicum
Health Education Core
PHED 237 Holistic Health 4
PHED 246 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries 2
PHED 308 First Aid and Safety 2
PHED 310 Organization of School Health 4
BIOL 217, 218 Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II 4, 4
PHED 232 Epidemiology 2
CHEM 187 Nutrition 3
PSY 230 Lifespan Development of the Family 4
PSY 335 Drugs and Behavior 4
Pedagogy Core24
EDUC 217 Education and American Culture 4
EDUC 240 Teaching in Urban America 2
EDUC 313 Language, Literacy, and Curriculum Integration 4
PHED 406

Student Teaching in Elementary Physical Education/Health (K-6)

PHED 408

Student Teaching in Secondary Physical Education/Health (7-12)

PHED 412

Issues Seminar in Physical Education/Health



Health & Physical Education Major BS, 32-35 hours