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Non-certification BS Major in Physical Education

For students interested in coursework in physical education that does not include an emphasis on teaching, Houghton provides a baccalaureate degree in Physical Education. This major provides foundational coursework in science, Health, and physical education. Students graduating with this major may pursue teaching through continued work in a master's program or may use this platform for continuing study in fitness or health-related professions.

Physical Education section (PDF) of the Houghton College 2009/2010 catalog.

Major Requirements

Psychology Course 4
BIOL 217 Human A/P I, II 4, 4
PHED 212 Found of Physical Education/Health 2
PHED 237 Holistic Health 4
PHED 246 Care/Prev/Mang. of Athletic Injuries 2
PHED 308 First Aid/Safety 2
PHED 330 Physiology of Exercise 4
PHED 341 Kinesiology 4
PHED 320 Measurement and Evaluation in PE 2-4

Special Populations Course
(Inclusive Physical Education; Educating Exceptional Learners)

Non-certification in Physical Education BS, 34-48 hours