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Sports Ministry

Sports Ministry (minor), Department of Physical and Health Education, Department of Theology

There are more member nations of FIFA (the world soccer federation) than there are member countries of the United Nations.  This fact helps to emphasize the worldwide cultural value that has been placed upon sport and recreation.  How does the Church respond?  How do we integrate the Christian faith within the relational platform of sport and recreation?  Sports ministry is a culturally relevant tool that connects the Christian faith to the sport-minded. 

The Minor is particularly helpful for students interested in academic and vocational pursuits within local church ministries, missions, education, coaching, camping, recreation, church planting and intercultural studies.


  • Jonathan P. Case
  • Thomas R. Kettelkamp
  • David B. Lewis
  • Paul W. Shea
  • Matthew T. Webb
  • For more information:  Contact the Program Director, David Lewis at 585-567-9548 (Office) or E-Mail at david.lewis@houghton.edu   

What is Sports Ministry?

Sports Ministry is using athletics and recreation to be a witness for Jesus Christ. We are called by God to cultivate the gifts, abilities, and talents that He bestows (Ephesians 4:16). The court, the field, the track becomes an "altar" for the athlete to offer his or her talent as an expression of worship. Just as a musician has the capacity to offer each note heavenward in worship of God, the athlete, likewise, offers each maneuver and technical skill heavenward as their "note" of praise and thanksgiving.

"Sports ministry is a concept which enables us as athletes and teams to use our respective sport as a platform for representing Christ. Sports provides a means of connection and identification with opponents and local and global community in which we have an opportunity to share Christ through our words and actions."
- Matt Webb, head men's soccer coach

Sports Ministry Minor (minimum 16 hours, interdisciplinary)
Required (8 hours)
CRFM 325 Bible Study and Teaching Methods 2 Credits
PHED/CRFM 227 The Integration of Faith and Sport
PHED/CRFM 275 Methods of Administration of Sports Ministry 2
Select one of the following (4 hours)
CRFM 341/342 Theological Explorations in Youth Cultures
and Ministry I, II
THEL 313 Systematic Theology 4
*Select at least two from the following (4-8 hours)
INCL XXX Intercultural course recommended by dept 1-4
MISS 222 The Contemporary Church in Missions 4
PHED 305 Sports Ministry Field Practicum** 2
PHED 305 Principles of Coaching & Sports Management 4
REC 227 Outdoor Leadership Training 4
REC 240 Administration of Organized Campus 4
May also use either CRFM 341/342 or THEL 313 – whichever was not used in category two 4
*For other options, see the Director of the program.

**With approval the practicum can be fulfilled through one of the following provided the course has a sufficient sports ministry component:
CRFM 442 Internship in Christian Formation 4
MISS 311 Cross Cultural Field Experience 3-4
INCL/INTR 311 Intercultural Experience 0-4