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PHYS 102: General Astronomy

A survey of modern astronomy with emphasis on the structure and dynamics of stars, galaxies and the universe. Current theories of cosmic origins. Three lecture, three laboratory hours each week. Lab Science or 2nd Science. Liberal Arts.

 Astronomy is both ancient and modern. Although it had its beginning with the Babylonians, Egyptians, and Greeks, it continues to be one of the frontier areas in science. Astronomy takes ideas and techniques from such diverse fields as mechanics, optics, electromagnetism, atomic and nuclear physics, chemistry, and biology. In turn, it contributes information and methodologies back to these fields.

Useful Information

Class Time                           TR 8:00-10:50 AM 
Location                                P118 
Instructor                           Dr. Yuly

Help Session                     Wednesdays, 7:00 PM 
Location                              P118
Teaching                            Kyle Craft, Paul Lashomb, Jordan Cady



Course Syllabus (NEW 10-22)
Term paper hints
Cosmology Bibliography




Problem Set #1
Problem Set #2
Problem Set #3
Problem Set #4
Problem Set #5
Problem Set #6
Problem Set #7
Problem Set #8


Lab #1 -- Logical Fallacies
Lab #2 -- Solar System
Lab #3 -- Celestial Sphere
Lab #4 -- Orbits
Lab #5 -- Relativity Video
Lab #6 -- Telescopes
Lab #7 -- EM spectrum
Lab #8 -- Blackbody
Lab #9 -- Atomic spectra
Lab #10 -- Sunspots
Lab #11 -- Nuclear reactions
Lab #12 -- HR diagram
Lab #13 -- The Creationof the Universe (video)
Lab #14 -- The Priveledged Planet (video)
Lab #15 -- NOVA The Fabric of the Cosmos  (video)
Lab #16 -- Video discussion questions
Lab #17 -- Black Holes
Lab #18 -- Milky Way
Lab #19 --  Hubble's Law
Lab #20 -- Starlab quiz