PHYS 353: Electricity and Magnetism I

An introduction, with applications, to the classical theory of electric and magnetic fields. The course will begin with an overview of vector calculus for electromagnetic theory and will develop Maxwell’s equations.

 Pre/corequisites: PHYS 152, MATH 321

Electro- and magnetostatics and dynamics are developed using vector formalism. The course will begin with a review of vector algebra and calculus, then we will cover such topics as Coulomb’s Law, electric and magnetic fields, scalar and vector potentials, Gauss’ Law, Ampere’s Law, conductors, dielectrics and magnetic materials and Faraday's Law. Finally, we will conclude by pulling together everything we have learned into one coherent form called Maxwell's Equations.

Useful Information

Class Time
MWF 9:00-10:05 AM
Dr. Yuly 

Course Materials

  • Information
  • Course Schedule
  • Grades
  • Summary of electrostatics in dielectric media
  • Summary of magnetostatics in magnetic media
  • Summary of electrostatic boundary conditions
  • Summary of magnetostatic boundary conditions
  • Electromagnetic plane wave applet

Homework Assignments

  • Problem Set #1
  • Problem Set #2
  • Problem Set #3
  • Problem Set #4
  • Problem Set #5
  • Problem Set #6
  • Problem Set #7
  • Problem Set #8
  • Problem Set #9
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