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Students in a political science class at Houghton College

From the local village to the global village, a degree in political science prepares students for a lifetime of leadership and service.  Since its founding by Plato more than two millennia ago, political science has sought to understand, promote, and preserve the common good.  Still today, political scientists seek to learn how people can govern themselves for their common benefit, under conditions that all too often tend toward conflict and corruption.  Political science majors at Houghton are introduced to an intellectually challenging and ultimately very practical body of knowledge, as well as a venerable tradition of inquiry for continued learning.

The Christian Distinctive

Political science at Houghton is deeply informed by a Christian perspective.  Beginning with St. Augustine in the 5th century, Christian thought has profoundly shaped the study of politics.  At Houghton, this tradition continues.  Because Christians believe that human beings are at once exalted by God and debased by sin, Christianity offers an exceptionally well-balanced orientation to politics. 



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After Houghton

Houghton alumni with a degree in political science can be found in diverse careers around the globe.

The skills developed through the study of political science – critical thought, analysis, research, writing, interviewing, oral presentation, statistical and methodological fluency – are applicable to a wide variety of career options:

Christian college political science class

  • Law and criminal justice
  • Graduate study and teaching
  • Federal jobs in any agency or government branch
  • Appointive, elective, and civil service jobs at state, city, county, and township levels
  • International careers with the US Department of State, embassies, USIA, AID, and the Peace Corps
  • The military
  • Business, both American and multinational
  • Journalism and media
  • Lobbying and campaign work
  • Assistance to political parties and community organizations at the state and local level, on issues such as education, political reform, and the environment

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