Pre-Med at Houghton

Medicine is an exciting and ever-changing field, providing physicians with a stimulating and rewarding career. The practice of medicine is also a wonderful opportunity, a privilege, in fact, to join Christ in his ongoing ministry of compassion to this hurting world. Call us today at 800-777-2556 to learn about our Pre-Med program.

Introduction to Pre-Med at Houghton

Learn about our approach, rooted in the Christian liberal arts, in which premedical students can clarify their vocational calling as Christian physicians while receiving excellent academic preparation

Curriculum Guidance

View prerequisite courses and a representative academic timeline for a pre-med student at Houghton.

After Houghton

Learn about  Houghton Pre-Med student acceptance statistics for medical schools through the years, and what schools these students have attended.

Request Information

To learn more about the Pre-Med degree, contact Dr. Jamie Potter, or request more information.

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