Prerequisite Courses

No specific major is required. Historically, though, most premedical students have majored in biology or chemistry. If one majors outside the sciences, consideration should be given to completing a minor in biology.

Integrative Studies Curriculum (required for all students at Houghton)

Core Science and Math Courses (required by med schools for admission and to prepare for the MCAT)

  • General Biology (2 semesters)
  • General Chemistry (2 semesters)
  • Organic Chemistry (2 semesters)
  • General Physics (2 semesters)
  • Calculus (1 semester)

Other electives available (sampling):

  • Biochemistry (required by some medical schools)
  • Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy and Physiology
  • Human Genetics
  • Immunology
  • Medical Ethics
  • Microbiology

Representative academic timeline for a premed student

Flexibility exists within this general guideline for those who choose to participate in First Year Honors Programs, or for those who decide after their first year to pursue a career in medicine.

First Year

  • General Biology
  • General Chemistry
  • Integrative Studies requirements

Summer: Begin to look for possible volunteer/shadowing experiences

Second Year

  • Organic Chemistry
  • Calculus (if not taken in first year)
  • Integrative Studies requirements
  • Courses for major

Summer: Volunteer/shadowing experiences

Third year

  • General Physics
  • (Research course available to science majors)
  • Courses for major
  • Request institutional letter of recommendation (Fall)
  • Meet with letter writing committee
  • Review for and take MCAT
  • Begin personal statement
  • Submit list of medical schools to which you are planning to apply

Summer: Complete personal statement, AMCAS application, Take MCAT (if not taken in spring), Volunteer/shadowing experiences

Fourth Year

  • Medical Ethics (if not taken earlier)
  • Complete courses for major
  • Institutional letter of recommendation is sent
  • Secondary applications (as applicable)
  • Interview for medical schools as invited
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