Pre-Med Opportunities

Research/Clinical Opportunities

  • Collaborative Research available with full-time faculty members.
  • Medical service project as part of Medical Ethics course (elective, Dr. Lipscomb)
  • Volunteer opportunity with local ambulance/EMT crew
  • MAP International Community Health Development Elective

Medical Missions Opportunities: (In the exploration/planning phase)

In conjunction with a Mayterm course in International Health Development, Premed students volunteered in May-June, 2007 with MAP International in Bolivia, coordinated by Dr. Ndunge Kiite, Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies.  We anticipate that this opportunity will be available to students in the future.  Contact Dr. Kiiti for more information.

Links for those interested in Medical Missions:

Exit Interview

We value the input from students regarding ways in which the premed program can serve future students better, and hope that those currently in the program will feel free to make suggestions to the premed advisor at any time. As a way of soliciting feedback, sometime during a student’s final semester at Houghton College, he/she will be asked to complete a questionnaire and meet with the premed advisor for an informal exit interview. The goal of this process is to learn from the experiences of those going through the program in order to enhance it for the future.

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