President's Monthly Reflection

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June 2016 - Though the Earth Should Change

The words of Psalm 46 have been much on my mind this morning. “God is our Refuge and strength, a well proved help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth should change…. Be still, and know that I am God.” Life never “stops” to give us time to ...
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April 2016 - <i>His Redeeming Work</i>

April 2016 - His Redeeming Work

On the Third Sunday of Easter, the Book of Common Prayer invites us to pray that God will “open the eyes of our faith, that we may behold him in all his redeeming work.” As I read this prayer recently, I found a name for the great gift God had given me the previous week. He had allowed me to see ...
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March 2016 - Positive Complication

Clearly, “evangelicals” are a category of concern in this year’s presidential election. According to the media, they are one of the key groups supporting both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. I must confess to cringing, at least inside, every time I hear ...
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February 2016 - Living Differently

Last Saturday, I happened to be reading in the book of Malachi on my way through the scriptures. The prophet makes three charges against the people to whom he is writing: first, you have wearied God; second, you have robbed him; and third, you have spoken ill of him. I found myself identifying somewhat with ...
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January 2016-<i>The Time that is Truly Ours</i>

January 2016-The Time that is Truly Ours

During the Christmas holidays, I once again read W. H. Auden’s For the Time Being: A Christmas Oratorio. It is a long and sometimes opaque poem. But I keep coming back to it because, each year, it has something new to say. One of the most familiar parts of the poem is the last section, in which he talks about returning to “normal” after Christmas. We have caught a glimpse ...
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November 2015-The Purposes of Pilgrimage

Signs abound of the upcoming holiday season. The mailbox is overflowing with catalogues from hopeful retailers. Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks are already featuring seasonal flavors and décor. Popular magazines highlight articles about how to manage holiday stress—brought on by other questions ...
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September 2015 - <i>The Globe is Here</i>

September 2015 - The Globe is Here

My husband Paul and I were privileged to welcome the world to our supper table on a recent Friday evening. Forty-six Houghton students from 24 countries of the world, not counting the United States or Canada, gathered at our home for ...
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August 2015 - The Love of Truth

As part of my weekly professional discipline, I read the Chronicle of Higher Education. I approach the Chronicle expecting information rather than inspiration, so it was an unexpected and pleasant surprise to come upon Barry Schwartz’s article Intellectual Virtues ...
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