President's Monthly Reflection

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February 2015 - Worth It All

Last week, Paul and I braved blinding snow and slippery roads to join the 2015 Class of Wesley Service Corps for their monthly dinner meeting in downtown Buffalo. (Wesley Service Corps is our formal partnership with Western New York AmeriCorps ...
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January 2015 - <i>Becoming New</i>

January 2015 - Becoming New

For many people, the "newness" of 2015 is already over. It happened as soon as the first New Year's resolution was broken—if there were resolutions in the first place! Newness is a fairly thin concept in our culture at large.
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November 2014 - <i>The Community of Saints</i>

November 2014 - The Community of Saints

November begins with All Saints’ Day. As I get older, I am much more interested in celebrating this often neglected holiday of the church calendar than the more popular eve of All Saints’ Day that our culture knows as Halloween. Maybe it is simply that I am not as interested in dressing up as ...
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October 2014 - <i>Thick Souls</i>

October 2014 - Thick Souls

My mother recently reminded me of a conversation between my sister Barbara and me when we were about 5 or 6 years old. Following a funeral, we were discussing how souls get to heaven. Barb suggested that they might get sent in envelopes. According to my mother, I responded quite definitively that this would be impossible since souls were too thick to fit into envelopes.
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September 2014 - <i>The Captain</i>

September 2014 - The Captain

Some loyalties we are born into. (I will always be partial to four seasons.) Some loyalties are part of our history. (I will probably always prefer turning pages to scrolling screens.) Some loyalties we acquire through relationship. That is how I became a New York Yankees fan. It was not mentioned in my marriage vows four years ago ...
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August 2014 - <i>Taken In</i>

August 2014 - Taken In

I returned to the office recently from my vacation in New Brunswick – one of Canada’s eastern provinces and also my childhood home. While the sense of responsibility and the awareness of the outside world never fully departs ...
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July 2014 - <i>The Lord of History</i>

July 2014 - The Lord of History

June 28, 2014 marked the 100th anniversary of the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, in the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo. It took until August 1 for ...
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June 2014 - <i>Looking Deeply</i>

June 2014 - Looking Deeply

So far in my summer reading, I have been reminded twice that part of loving God is desiring to look deeply into the world He has made. Who would think that ...
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