Houghton Promise | Accountability

A Houghton education is about preparing you for all that God is calling you to do in this world. We pledge...

  • Access to life-long career and vocational planning resources, advice, and mentoring within our Vocational Opportunities and Career Advising (VOCA) Center.
  • A tuition-free bonus year for Houghton graduates who either find themselves not employed or in graduate school by graduation, or seeking additional academic enhancement by graduation.

Vocational Opportunities and Career Advising (VOCA) Center

At Houghton, 95% of graduates are employed or in graduate school within 9 months of finishing at Houghton. Our goal at Houghton College is to prepare our students to live vocationally fulfilled lives. That means that we believe God meant us for more than just a "job." With so many individual strengths, gifts, and abilities we want our students to find purposeful channels to explore each of these individual traits through assessment and reflection. Once discovered, we begin to apply them to different areas of life; career, service, hobbies, family and relationships, and all other facets.

Exploration of how to use all our gifts and strengths in different areas of our lives for the glory of God is true vocational fulfillment.


Tuition-Free Bonus Year

The tuition-free bonus year is intended for Houghton graduates who find themselves...

  • Not offered employment or accepted into graduate school at the time of their Houghton graduation
  • Seeking additional enhancement to their degree - a second major, minor, concentration or experience

To find out more about eligibility and other details, contact the Office of the Provost:

Tammy Dunmire
Coordinator of Academic Services 
Tammy.Dunmire@houghton.edu | Office: 800.777.2556