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Sociology Major

The major in sociology includes classes in anthropology, environmental and development issues, and other topics related to contemporary society. It provides a critical dimension to a liberal arts education and a framework for enhancing our efforts to address the social and ecological problems facing our local, national, and global communities. The Sociology Major offers two directions to students for choosing the focus of their education. You may complement it with a second major in Biology (Environmental Studies), Business, Communication, Education, Intercultural Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Recreation, or another field. Or you may more deeply explore environment, development, marriage and family-related issues, or the sociology discipline through additional coursework.

Major & Minor Requirements

A sociology major consists of 28 hours above SOC 210, including the following courses: SOC 282 Sociological Theory (4); SOC 309 Statistics (4); SOC 312 Social Science Research Methods (4); and SOC 480 Senior Capstone: Sociology Seminar; plus 14 hours of elective sociology courses.

A minor in sociology consists of 12 hours above SOC 210, including at least three hours numbered 300 or above. SOC 309 Statistics does not count for the sociology minor.