Family Studies at Houghton

Houghton offers a minor in family studies. The interdisciplinary program combines the fields of anthropology, sociology, psychology, and religion in order to provide an integrative field of study focused on the institution of the family. 

The minor consists of 16 hours of study.  Eight of the hours are required core courses: SOC 237 Introduction to Marriage and Family Studies (4) and PSY 230 Lifespan Development of the Family (4).

The remaining eight hours are chosen from the following courses: PSY 426 Family Systems Theory (4); PSY 325 Human Sexuality (4); THEL 337 Theological Foundations of the Family (4); SOC 330 Culture and Family; SOC 362 Gender Relations (2); SOC 390 Practicum in Family Studies; SOC 394 Internship in Family Studies; and SOC 297 Special Topics Courses (if pre-approved by the department head).

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