Outdoor Education and Camp Administration Concentration

The outdoor education option recognizes student interests in using God's creation in the outdoor environment as a tool to teach individuals to be good stewards of our natural resources. Natural resource management and planning is the focus in this option, as well as using outdoor activities as therapeutic tools in behavior modification. Working with youth at risk, juvenile delinquents, and academic underachievers is a typical professional pursuit.

Recreation and Leisure Studies Major
(Outdoor Education and Camp Administration Concentration)
Co-requisite courses
BIOL 215 Local Flora and Vegetation 4 credits
REC 102B Backpacking 1
BADM 212 Principles of Management 4
PSY 213 Developmental Psychology 4
Required courses
REC 222 Leisure, Work, and Society 4
REC 300 Program Planning and Evaluation 4
REC 406 Recreation Internship 4-6
Theory Requirements
REC 315 Wilderness First Responder 4
REC 240 Administration of Organized Camps 4
REC 227 Outdoor Leadership Training 4
REC 401 Natural Resources Management 4
REC 301 Methods & Mat'ls for Camps & Outdoor Educ 4

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