Integrative Studies 2015-16

Students must fulfill all requirements listed below

There is a drop-down box next to each requirement listing courses and other methods that can be used to meet it (click “Choose an item”). You may select the courses/methods you have used or wish to use, and then save this document for your reference.

Remember: You will still need to register for your courses each semester using Student Self Service


A. Health and Wellness 
  • When possible, requirements for the competency should be spread over multiple years.
  • Health and Wellness courses can be taken for a grade or pass/fail unless otherwise noted (L=letter grade only, NC=no credit).
  • Students must register for the appropriate INTS course(s) in order to use Intercollegiate athletics.
Fitness for Life - Theory Component
Fitness Lab Component
Activity 1
Activity 2
* Students may, but need not, take the lab, CHEM 188
B. Writing (must satisfy by end of 1st year)
Student will satisfy the Writing Competency if he or she:
C. Quantitative Literacy
Student will satisfy the QL Competency if he or she:
Students who do not satisfy the Quantitative Literacy competency by any of the methods listed above must take a MATH courses for their 2nd Creation requirement - once this MATH course is completed, the QL competency is also considered met.
* Student may request that a grade from 4th year of math (9-12) be used. Appropriate courses include Algebra I or II, Geometry, Math A or B, Pre-calculus, Calculus, Statistics, etc. Consumer math, business math, or similar do not apply.
** Includes College Algebra or Pre-calculus.
*** Completing BADM/ECON/PSY/SOC Statistics meets QL Competency but DOES NOT meet Creation requirement below.
D. Foreign Language
Student will satisfy the FL Competency if he or she:
* or its equivalent through a test such as the College Level Examination Program [CLEP]
** Such experiences may include a summer/semester/year abroad engaged in activities such as internships that require extensive use of a language other than the student’s native tongue

Faith Foundation

Bible requirement must be completed by end of 1st year

A. Bible
B. Theology
* course usually taken in student’s second year


Culture: Understanding Human Thought and Creative Expression Across Time

Students are encouraged to complete at least one History or Philosophy course by the end of the first year

A. Art or Music
S=Studio; L=Lecture
B. History
C. Literature
D. Philosophy
* With or without credit. Includes Men’s & Women’s Choir, College Choir, Philharmonia, and Symphonic Winds. Other ensembles possible if approved by ensemble director. Admission to all college ensembles is by audition or hearing.
** must take both for IS
*** meets both Literature and Philosophy requirements

Creation: Understanding the Natural World

At least 2 courses, 1 from each category
Courses must have two different prefixes
A. Lab Science:
B. Math or Science:
(If QL Competency (above) is not met, must take MATH course)
* may only be used if QL Competency has been met
+ may be taken for 4 credits with lab or 3 credits without lab



Community: Understanding Human Society

Students must choose courses from at least two disciplines
Courses must have two different prefixes


Must be different prefix from above
* must take both for IS
** may use only one of these for Community


Minimum Liberal Arts hours (BA:93hrs; BS: 62hrs; BFA: 32hrs)
Minimum 124 semester hours required for graduation
Transitions 102