Reunion Giving Challenge

Challenge Participants





T. Glenn McNulty




Carol A. (Demarest) Armstrong

Mary (Robson) Constable

Elaine (Murray) Lindsey

Robert A. Scott



Rona (Sandercock) Wolfe



Linda J. Andrews

Evelyn (Blackbourn) Barnett

Richard K. Hart

Jo-Anne G. (Olsen) Young



Carolyn Corse

Beverly (Schoonover) Glover

Esther M. (Foster) Liddick

Linda (Mills) Mills Woolsey



J. Anthony Lloyd

Lawrie H. Merz

Audrey (Smith) Pocock

Steven R. Pocock

David D. White

Stanley M. Wicks



Linda S. Bowman

Roselyn (Ballard) Danner

John D. Kareis

Dale F. Wright



Amy B. (Brackett) Eckert

Shawn W. Hotchkiss

Amy J. (Anderson) Purdy

Gordon L. Purdy

Norma J. Strum



James W. Bohm

Daniel L. Dominguez

Wayne M. Gaffney



Robert J. Cooper

Sandra D. Johnson



Elizabeth D. (Sands) Sands Wise



Helena (Tyler) Oden



Welcome to the 2019 Houghton College Reunion Giving Campaign! Each class celebrating a 5-year anniversary is a part of the 2019 campaign. Those classes are listed below. All giving by class members in 2019 will count in your class' reunion giving total (January 1 – December 31, 2019).

We do encourage you to make your special anniversary gift to the Houghton College Student Scholarship Fund, but gifts to any area of the college will count for your class. Thank you for helping Houghton continue the tradition of alumni helping the newest generation of Houghton students.

How Is Your Class Doing?

The numbers reported per class below include total giving by class members from January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019.

Class of 1949 Total Giving: $20 Class of 1974 Total Giving: $1,960 Class of 1999 Total Giving: $30
Participation: 1.3% Participation: 1.3% Participation: 0.6%
Class of 1954 Total Giving: $200 Class of 1979 Total Giving: $2,324 Class of 2004 Total Giving: $1,000
Participation: 0.9% Participation: 1.9% Participation: 0.3%
Class of 1959 Total Giving: $1,060 Class of 1984 Total Giving: $10,302 Class of 2009 Total Giving: $12
Participation: 4.5% Participation: 1.3% Participation: 0.3%
Class of 1964 Total Giving: $50 Class of 1989 Total Giving: $2,000 Class of 2014 Total Giving: $0
Participation: 0.4% Participation: 1.5% Participation: 0%
Class of 1969 Total Giving: $749 Class of 1994 Total Giving: $1,125
Participation: 1.2% Participation: 0.9%