Reunion Giving Challenge

Challenge Participants






Robert O. Bitner

Frank Odor

Lester M. Seaman

Robert F. Wollenweber




Frank R. Wood



Loraine (Simons) Kelley

Gordon C. Todd

John A. Wever



Robert V. Davidson

Phyllis (Fleming) Farver

David C. Moore

Jeanne (Waldron) Toohig



Dale E. Fillmore

Jonathan C. Prinsell

Clifton J. Seaman

Erik L. Smith



Constance L. (Thomas) Clay

Jeffrey B. Clay

Lucinda A. Hannigan

Jeffrey R. Prinsell



Harold W. Lord

Harriett J. Olson



Evelyn C. (Owens) Alessi

Carl J. Holmes






Tammy L. (Grossman) Groff



Scott D. Golden



Steven A. Cox

Jason A. Gramley



Rachel E. Calhoun

Make Your Gift!

Welcome to the 2015 Houghton College Reunion Giving Campaign! Each class celebrating a 5-year anniversary is a part of the 2015 campaign. Those classes are listed below. All giving by class members in 2015 will count in your class' reunion giving total (January 1 – December 31, 2015).

We do encourage you to make your special anniversary gift to the Houghton College Student Scholarship Fund, but gifts to any area of the college will count for your class. Thank you for helping Houghton continue the tradition of alumni helping the newest generation of Houghton students.

How Is Your Class Doing?

The numbers reported per class below include total giving by class members from January 1, 2015 through December 31, 2015

Class of 1945
Total Giving: $0
Class of 1970 Total Giving: $2,604 Class of 1995 Total Giving: $50
Participation: 0%
Participation: 1.6% Participation: 0.3%
Class of 1950 Total Giving: $800 Class of 1975 Total Giving: $540 Class of 2000 Total Giving: $50
Participation: 3.2% Participation: 1.3% Participation: 0.3%
Class of 1955 Total Giving: $550 Class of 1980 Total Giving: $252 Class of 2005
Total Giving: $250
Participation: 1.7% Participation: 0.6%
Participation: 0.6%
Class of 1960 Total Giving: $4,250 Class of 1985 Total Giving: $40 Class of 2010 Total Giving: $10
Participation: 1.7% Participation: 0.6% Participation: 0.3%
Class of 1965 Total Giving: $6,515 Class of 1990 Total Giving: $0

Participation: 1.4% Participation: 0%

Class Challenges

If you would like to issue a challenge to members of your class, please contact the Alumni Office at

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