Schedule | Spring 2013

Science Honors Course – Spring Semester 2013

Date   Lecture Topics In-class Activity Reading Assignment Due
Jan 14 M Natural Causes of Climate Change orbital variations, sun spots, non-linearity, feedback, volcanoes, dissolved CO2, methane, meteors Evaluate salt-water habitats and inhabitants
 Jan 15    Finding and Using Support (2 h) How to use examples, statistics, and expert testimony effectively to support presentation claims Read Engleberg part 4 (sections 10-12; pp. 47-64); Engleberg part 8 (section 25; pp. 125-138);  Heath chap. 2
What makes good science writing?
Jan 17 R Natural Causes of Climate Change ocean currents, continental drift, ENSO - James Wolfe, guest lecture
Jan 21 M Project Day
Jan 22 T Presentation Structure and Organization (2 h) outlining, patterns of organization, transitions, effective introductions and conclusions.  Discuss Presentation # 2 Read Engleberg part 5 (sections 13-17; pp. 65-88); part 6 (sections 18-20; pp. 89-100);  Heath ch. 4
Workshop on Essay 1

Workshop instructions.

Sign up for a date to lead discussion.
Jan 24 R Evidence of Climate Change
Jan 28 M Project Day
Jan 29 T "If I had a million dollars..." Introducing Assignment 2: The Proposal
Student-led discussion by Jon and Lynn.
Essay 1 due.  Bring a hard copy to class.
Jan 31 R Human Causes of Climate Change
Feb 4 M Project Day
Feb 5 T Proposing the proposal. Student-led discussion by Tiffany and Gabrielle.
Presentation #2 (1.5 h) Presentation # 2
Feb 7 R
Student-led discussion by Sarah and David.
"The Covenant" (Skloot 284-302).
Proposal for Assignment 2 due.
Presentation #2 (1.5 h) Presentation # 2
Feb 11 M Skepticism of Climate Change Student evaluation of data and arguments for and against anthropogenic climate change Presentation and discussion of student findings. 20 minutes per topic
Feb 12 T
Student-led discussion by Rachel and RD.
Annotated bibliography for Assignment 2 due.
Visual Support (1 h) Using visual support to help explain and clarify ideas Read Engleberg part 7 (section 24; pp. 118-124)
Feb 14 R Effects of Climate Change On genetic expression - Matthew Pelletier, guest lecture
Feb 18 M Exam  #1 Project Day
Feb 19 T
Beginning the Proposal draft. Student-led discussion by Graham and Kyle.
"A Soft Spot for Circuitry" (Skloot 146-154).
Notes for Assignment 2 due.
Feb 21 R Effects of Climate Change 

More on genetic expression and equilibrium - Matthew Pelletier / On human health 

White paper on Human Health and Climate Change
Feb 25 M Project Day
Feb 26 T

Workshop on Assignment 2, "The Proposal."

Principles of Persuasion (2h) Paths to persuasion (ethos, pathos, logos); patterns of reasoning; logical fallacies.  Discuss presentation # 3 Read Engleberg part 8 (section 26; pp. 138-158); Engleberg part 10 (sections 30-34; pp. 187-214); Heath chaps. 5,6
Mar 4 M Effects of Climate Change  On vegetation and animals
Mar 5 T

Workshop on the Narrative/Descriptive Essay.
Student-led discussion by student Thomas and Shawna. 
See Moodle for the selection from Shawna.
See Moodle for the selection from Thomas.
Final draft of "Proposal" due.
Mar 7 R Effects of Climate Change  On water habitats - James Wolfe, guest lecture
Mar 11 M Christian Response  to Climate Change Special Guest Speaker - Mike Jordan Discussion/debate?
Mar 12 T Writing a press release. Introduction to the Press Release assignment.
Student-led discussion by Mark and Laurel.
Prompt for Assignment 3: The Press Release.
Final draft of Narrative/Descriptive essay due.
Mar 14 R Social and Political Aspects of Climate Change Special Guest Speaker - Brian Webb Research socio-political challenges, adaptation and mitigation strategies
Mar 18 M Exam #2 Project Day
Mar 19 T Presentation # 3:  Debates Presentation # 3 Debates
Mar 21 R Presentation # 3: Debate.  Discuss press briefing for balloon launch. Presentation # 3 Debates
Mar 26 T
Mar 28 R
Apr 1 M
Apr 2 T Project Day
Apr 4 R Project Day
Apr 8 M Project Day
Apr 9 T Project Day
Apr 11 R Project Day
Apr 18  R Project Day data analysis
 Apr 22 M Discuss data/press briefing
report. Discuss elevator speech.
in-class work on elevator
Engleberg part 9
(sections 27-29; pp. 159-186)
 Apr 23 Project Day  
 Apr 25  R Project Day
 Apr 29  M Project Day Analysis report due. Press release due.
 Apr 30  T Clean-Up Day Elevator speeches.
Delivered to Prof. G during clean-up time
Elevator speech
 May 3 Final Exam 8-10 am