Chapel Mission Statement

The purpose of chapel is to affirm our corporate identity as a Christian Liberal Arts College which is part of the larger body of Christ.  Our times of corporate gathering are expressions of this identity.  We desire these gatherings to reflect the varied composition and needs of our community of faith and academic pursuits. 

Specifically we seek chapel times which are:

  • Participatory: An opportunity for community members to encounter God through music, scripture, prayer, communion and contemplation
  • Celebratory:  An expression of corporate worship and occasionally a time of recognition of those in our past and present who serve as spiritual examples
  •  Revelatory:  A time to grow in our understanding and knowledge of God
  • Expository: An expansion of our understanding of scripture, Christian truths and experience and how these inform our individual and corporate spiritual identity
  • Educational: Encourage a wider understanding of Christian theologies, worship, art and liturgy.