Mini Sabbaticals

As you know, Houghton is a bit “out of the way.” But far from being a weakness, this makes our campus a great place to reflect, research, write, hike, or simply relax. 

We invite you to come enjoy our campus with us! Plan your visit around a sporting event, concert, lecture, or any of our other campus events, many of which are free. Or simply take some time to research or read for pleasure in our library - membership is free for pastors - or work out in our gym, also free during the regular school year. 

Housing is in the homes of local community members, and meals are served in the campus dining hall. Prices are extremely reasonable - $35 a day for room and board at most - and we may be able to work you in for a lot less, depending on availability. We also offer one night of room and board free to Wesleyan pastors in our home district of Western New York - we especially want you to feel at home on our campus.  

Please contact the Office of Ministry Resources for more information.

Phone: 585.567.9665