Scholarships & Financial Aid for Churches & Pastors

Houghton College has developed numerous scholarships and financial aid awards that help make a Houghton education affordable for qualified students.  Many of these are targeted specifically at pastors’ and missionary kids.  For complete information on these and Houghton’s many other scholarships and financial aid opportunities, please contact the student financial services office at 585-567-9328 or

For more information e-mail us at or call us at 800-777-2556.

Church Matching Scholarship

Houghton will match up to $750 per year for scholarships awarded by the student's local church.

David C. Pollock Missionary and Pastors' Kid Scholarship

This scholarship fund was established by several donors to provide support for children of missionaries or pastors. Awards are typically $1,000 - $2,000 per year and students are selected based on financial need and availability of funds.

Wesleyan Campus Challenge/Bible Bowl Scholarships

Houghton accepts scholarships awarded to winners of the Wesleyan Campus Challenge and Bible Bowl competitions. Recipients may redeem one-quarter of the total scholarship awards per year.

George and Grace Lee Loan/Grant

The Lee Loan/Grant is equal to one-half of tuition charges for students who are pursuing full-time Christian service. The award is a loan that is forgiven 25% for every year that the student works in full-time Christian service upon graduation from Houghton. Usually 8 - 10 scholarships are awarded per year.

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