Sport, Recreation and Wellness Management Degree

After completing the Sport, Recreation and Wellness Management (SRWM) program, you’ll be ready for professional and managerial positions in the sports, recreation, and wellness industries. Theory, practice and personal growth are central to the program, which emphasizes a holistic approach to outdoor recreation and wellness that features community and service to others.

What you learn in your classes prepares you for the field immediately. Depending on your area of focus, you’ll learn how to build a camp program from the ground up, plan and host an equine therapy program for children with disabilities, research customer recreation needs, or even jump into a leadership role through our Highlander Adventure program. You can even travel to or study abroad in places like Ethiopia, Costa Rica or the Czech Republic and put your knowledge to work.


What Can I Do With My Degree?
  • Public health specialist
  • Coach
  • Camp administrator
  • Park and facilty manager
  • Professional instructor/guide
  • Professional athlete
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