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Expressing Myself

Expressing Myself

Ha-eun "Kate" Jeong

Major: Applied Music (Voice) & Communication, Concentration in Media and Visual Arts
Year: Senior

When Ha-eun “Kate” Jeong sings, people listen deeply, because she sings her soul. For Kate, a Houghton education is about seeking meaning in life and challenging others to follow suit. As she asks questions and challenges perspectives, Kate puts her thoughts into art, using skills she has gleaned and polished through her studies. For video projects, she records her own music, editing it alongside her film in order to bring power to the message she is relating.

“To be able to express myself through my own melodies and my own words is an amazing feeling,” Kate reflects, and she takes advantage of the opportunities Houghton provides to do so. She has found an outlet for her voice not only in classes, but also through performing in college musicals, accompanying Gospel Choir, and leading worship at Koinonia.

As Kate prepares to finish her Houghton education with a strong voice and challenge, she is thankful for the present. “It is a rare occasion to be confident that you are where you are supposed to be at that exact moment,” Kate acknowledges, “but right now, I know that Houghton is where I am meant to be.”

One evening each semester, Kate takes the stage in Java 101 with a few friends, her guitar, and a keyboard to perform at the coffeehouse.

During her junior year: Kate sang with Houghton College Choir, a select a cappella group known for its world-class performances.

After graduation: Kate wants to write music for post-production purposes or film documentaries about rural places or third-world countries.


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