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Canadian Communicator

Canadian Communicator

Collin Matthew Belt

Major: Communication with concentrations in Media Arts and Rhetorical Communication
Political Science and Philosophy

Collin has a variety of interests, from digital media and general communication, to philosophy and law! He’s always enjoyed communication in all its various forms, but the production of film and other mass media particularly fascinates him.

Collin’s dream, however, is to continue on to law school and eventually become a district attorney. 

When first faced with Houghton, Collin was hesitant; being from Nova Scotia meant that everything that he had known would be very far away. As soon as he visited for the Honors Program, though, his mind changed.

“[I saw] the beautiful campus, the warm and friendly students and the fantastic classes offered by this school…this is where I would spend my four years of undergraduate studies,” Collin says. “I’ve made friends that I know will stay with me for the rest of my life, I’ve had my eyes opened and learned so many things about God, myself, and the world around me, and had more adventures (like a Mayterm in London!) than I could have imagined.”

Collin Belt

Collin’s favorite pastime, is using the audio software Pro Tools, where he learns how to write, record and mix music for soundtracks.

In his free time, Collin loves making films, working with computers and hanging out with friends.

Collin’s hometown is Seafoam, Nova Scotia, and has a tiny population of only 500 people!


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