Airport Shuttles

The college provides shuttle service to and from the Buffalo airport as well as the greyhound station and Depew Amtrak train station when college residences close for vacations.  The fee is $20 per trip for the shuttles listed below. Students should sign up as early as possible utilizing the form on this page, but at least one week prior to arrival/departure to reserve a seat.  Contact Kim Cockle at 585.567.9220 or with further questions.

Please complete the form below to sign up for any regularly scheduled shuttles.  

Shuttle Schedule

Spring 2017

Easter Break:

Monday, April 17: Picking up in Buffalo at 5 (the 5 p.m. is full) and 9 p.m. Residence halls open at 2 p.m.
Special shuttle picking up at 11:30 p.m. has one seat left.  
The deadline for regular shuttles for this break is by Friday, March 31.  Any reservations after that date cannot be guaranteed.
The deadline for special shuttle requests for this break is by Friday, March 24.  Any reservations after that date cannot be guaranteed.

End of the Semester:
Tuesday, May 9: Leaving campus for Buffalo at 4:30 p.m.

In certain exceptional instances when a special shuttle is required, the cost of $100 will be applied to the individual requesting the shuttle.  If others share this shuttle, the cost will be divided among all passengers.  

If a student has an unpaid shuttle fee, they will not be able to sign up for a new shuttle until their account for shuttles is current. 

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